Pain Management Questions to Ask Your Pain Physician

When discussing pain management, patients often have many questions about procedures and the difference between various pain treatment centers. We hope this page helps you with some basic Q&A .

Q. Why should I see a pain doctor?

A. You should see us if you want to have your normal life back and alleviate the pain that is hampering your quality of life.  NWA Interventional Pain is a pain treatment center that can customize your pain treatment options to give you more mobility and long-term pain relief.  

Q. Why does Board Certification matter?

A. As a patient, you should seek out the very best doctors with the very best training. There are very few Fellowship Trained/Board Certified Pain Specialists. We are among a select class who has pursued additional training to provide you with state of the art care.  When searching for a pain physician you will find the top Arkansas clinics have Pain Fellowship Trained/Board Certified physicians.




Q. What are the benefits of seeing you in a private practice clinic rather than a hospital?

A. A private practice pain clinic affords us the chance to interact as a doctor and patient in a more caring manner. It removes the bureaucracy of hospital administrators. It also allows us to provide care to you at a much lower cost to you.  A private pain center offers a more personalized approach than the typical pain treatment center.  

Q. Do I need a referral to see you?

A. While it is preferable to have a referral from a physician, we do realize that some patients in pain can not get a timely referral from their physician. Please call us and we will collect as much preliminary information as possible to see if we might be able to help you. .

Q. What should I bring to my appointment?

A. You should bring a complete list of medications and other medical problems. We need to know if you take any blood thinning medications that might interfere with an intervention. There are New Patient forms that you can complete in advance of your appointment to cut down on your visit time.  Our pain center is designed to make getting relief from chronic pain an easier experience. 

Q. What if I have seen other pain doctors and their shots didn’t work?

A. We have seen numerous patients over the years that have benefited from a fresh look and a new pain treatment plan. There is usually something new to try in the world of pain treatment technology and it is worth a visit to see if we can help. We take great satisfaction when we can help “failed patients” get better.